Kokomo Combo  Rock'n'roots
The origins of the group setting up are rather vague. Some claim that several of its members met in a penitentiary, or maybe during a detoxification to Chuck Berry's music (that would have failed). Others else tell about an accountancy training course that went wrong. We widely can count a dozen more or less barmy explanations including the abduction of one of the musicians by Aliens in 1966 what would be supposed to explain a certain kind of space time gap in their musical tastes.

After cross-checking the evidences from people who were brought to be close to them, the foundation of the group seems to set in 2011, the year when we find the various protagonists in the same region, each one resuming his activities after a break due to either a religious retreat in Nepal, a stay in a psychiatric hospital or an extended ethylic coma.

From the first rehearsing sessions the key is set: they'll have to get Rock and Roll to its roots, and reaching it means necessarily to search and not to hesitate to dig up some deeply buried, forgotten for ages nuggets.
A short time later, concerts start following one another, it is clear that the machine still works. Just a little penetrating oil was enough. The repertoire is enthusiastically received by every generation, from the grandparents (who had almost forgotten it) to the grandchildren (who discover it).

So, if Kokomo happen to perform in your area, on no account must you miss their show. It is good for unclogging arteries and excellent for growth.